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Custom Design Process

An engagement ring should be as unique and special as the person wearing it.    The custom design process allows you to express your individual style and taste, by incorporating your favorite design features and elements, in order to create an extraordinary one-of-a-kind piece that has never been on anyone else's finger, made only for you.

The following steps usually occur after the center diamond is selected.  I have included sample picture of custom rings at various stages of the process.

Step 1:

It all starts with the idea.   It can come from an existing picture, a combination of several different rings, or just an inspiration.

Step 2:

A computer CAD (computer-aided design) of the ring is created and emailed to the client for their approval and/or feedback.

Step 3:

A wax is model is created.  This gives the client an opportunity to see, 3-dimensionally, what the casting will look like.

Step 4:

The wax is then cast in either gold or platinum.

Step 5:

Beautifully matched side diamonds will be selected to compliment the center diamond.

Step 6:

All diamonds will be set and the item will be polished, finished, and quality control inspected.

Step 7:

A magnificent item will be delivered to the client.

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